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A healthy mouth should often be the first step in managing dentistry for diabetics and our diabetes and dentistry experts know just what to do. If a diabetic patient comes into our office with gum disease, we find they are often having problems with managing their diabetes. Treating periodontal disease can actually help control diabetes, something most people dont realize. Patients might need less medication and may even be able to control their diabetes by simply using diet and exercise if they have a healthy mouth. Of course, diabetics should always check with their doctor and get the necessary blood tests before they stop using insulin or even lower the dosage.

Controlling Diabetes Can Help Your Gums & Teeth

The increased blood sugar levels associated with diabetes lead to a higher than normal level of glucose in the mouths saliva. These high levels of glucose actually help the bacteria in your mouth grow and prosper, leading to gum disease and cavities. The cycle of diabetes and dentistry is important to recognize. A patient's teeth and mouth are healthier when diabetes is under control and treating any existing periodontal disease can help control diabetes.

Its important that the doctor and cosmetic dentist treating your diabetes and dentistry problems work together because another complication stemming from untreated diabetes is the thickening of blood vessels. This may not seem like a concern for your cosmetic dentist, but because it affects all blood vessels, this can actually slow down the flow of nutrients and the removal of waste to and from the mouth, making dentistry for diabetics more difficult than it should be.

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