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Root Canal

Tired of always being in pain? Scared to go to the dentist to hear that big bad word- ROOT CANAL? Then let us put your mind at ease. You see, a root canal is a procedure that is performed to save your tooth and take the pain away by a specialist, not to scare you into hiding. Unfortunately for the root canal, it has gained a bad rep through the years from 'ole wives tales' passed down from patient to patient.


Root canals are a painless procedure that will preserve your tooth and keep the structure from becoming damaged due to infection and bacteria. So in a nutshell a root canal is actually your mouth's super hero! Plus, you'll save money and your liver since you'll no longer be going through bottles of pain relievers. The root canal treatment involves thorough cleaning and removal of infectious bacteria that have the potential to cause an inflammatory response in the body if left unattended. Once the tooth has been cleaned, the inner tooth will be filled and sealed to prevent the breakdown of the tooth structure. Doesn't sounds so bad, does it? And yes, the area and tooth will be numbed before hand. 

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