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Do you have an unpleasant sensation of grinding your teeth while you sleep? Do you also find that when you are wide awake, opening and closing your mouth produces a 'clicking' The strong possibility is that you might have a jaw disorder or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder; in other terms, TMD. The temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw bone to the skull and facilitates the opening and closing motion of the upper and lower jaws. This, in turn, is how we are able to chew and speak. You will most commonly find jaw disorders manifesting in this temporomandibular joint or the TMJ.

Another way to detect if you have a jaw disorder is to watch out for recurring inexplicable headaches and pain in your neck area. On occasion, it will also cause sensitive teeth.

The truth is, TMD is a fairly serious medical issue. You will be offered a selection of treatment procedures that you can choose from in a well-informed manner. The team at Big Smile Dental will explain the process and you will be completely at ease when you are quite aware of the procedure and its effects. 

Whatever the recommended solution, wearing an NTI appliance when you sleep, using a muscle relaxant, or utilizing biofeedback, Dr. Delgado and her team will suggest what is best for your personal condition.

Knowing your safety and complete well-being is the highest priority of the doctors at A Healthy Smile Dental; you can leave your jaw joint to be comfortably and effectively restored to excellent working order, and your grinding problems, called to a halt!

Call now and be relieved of pain and discomfort without delay. 

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